NetworkVideo opened for business in 2014. The business initially worked with chambers of commerce and associations to build video directories for their members. Although we still offer video directories and services to organizations, our business has grown.

We launched a new business video directory in January 2020 called Spotlitz™ for local businesses and offer more variety of video services. We currently serve business in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Video and Video Editing  – We now provide a wide range of videography and editing services to include: script writing, voice work, music, green screen, drone and aerial videography, time-lapse, and real estate photography and video footage. For more info click here.

Business Video Directories – The web has evolved and search functionality has changed the way customers find products and services. Today’s websites are faster and mobile compatible. Some sites offer customers coupons and specials, some offer videos, some can push business information out to a mass audience or even target specific audiences, some feature blogs, and some are fully integrated with social media. is a business video directory that combines all these capabilities and functionality into one beautiful website. Every aspect of Spotlitz was designed specifically to ensure customers can find your business faster in online searches through the directory. It was designed to put your business in the spotlight. For more info click here.

VideoBoost™ and Online Searchable Videos – We provide other promotional services to include the highly praised VideoBoost Program. VideoBoost is a unique program which uses the power of our syndicated networks and video SEO to ensure that your video shows up in the organic section on Google through basic customer keyword searches. This is not a pay per click program. For more info click here.

Chamber, Association and Vertical Market Business Directories – We can also build video directories for chambers of commerce, associations and other organizations to help promote their members through video. We can build a business video directory for any type of business vertical or membership organization. And, we can support those organizations with our vast network of videography services. We provide a low-cost, video and revenue-generating, non-dues paid video directory solution to help businesses and members promote their products and services the web. For more information on Chamber, Association and Vertical Market Video Directories, click here.

We can brand each directory to fit an organizations need for their membership. However, our main focus is to emphasize and promote businesses through video services and our privately owned Northern Virginia based

For more information about our video services, or how to get a video directory for your organization, please call 540-341-0200 or fill out the Contact Us form.